Peace of mind with a smarter pillbox


Easy to Setup

Using the convenient touchscreen, a simple setup process allows anyone to fill and use the pillbox. Click here to see a video.

Easy to Fill

When it is time to refill, an animated guide will walk you through filling the 14 spaces. Click here to see a video.

Easy to Dispense

Dispensing pills is as simple as flipping the pillbox over into your hand or cup. An adaptive flipping device is available when picking up and flipping the device is difficult.

The Right Size

Small enough to carry with you but large enough for all your pills.

Each compartment can hold a surprising amount. For example: 7 multivitamins, 12 acetaminophen gelcaps, 3 fish oil gelcaps, or 22 aspirin tablets.

Easy to Secure

Secure the lid with the included security screw and key. Medications will dispense like normal even when locked.

Notifications can also be sent to alert caregivers if the lid is removed when it should not be, indicating possible medication confusion or abuse.

Keeping Caregivers Informed

Caregivers or clients can receive text, email or phone call notifications when medications are not being taken as directed

Manage medications better

Clear Alarm

Never miss a dose with a crystal clear and friendly alarm

Removable Trays

Fill several trays in advance and quickly swap when needed

14 Space Tray

A tray will hold up to two weeks worth of medications


Lockable to avoid unwanted openings

with a built-in cellular connection


Receive texts or emails if pills are dispensed, missed, or waiting to be taken

Caregiver Monitoring

Detect if a Dose is being tampered with from anywhere