Remote Activity Resources

This list was compiled as an activity resource guide for individuals of all ages and abilities during the Covid-19 Crisis. It addresses Education, Exercise, Staying Connected, and Fun & Games! Dose Health does not have an affiliation with any of the websites listed.



Links for Handwashing

Coronavirus Social Story

  • Website of a ​printable social story on COVID 19​ ​that staff can read (It has to do with why we are staying home from school, but could be helpful)
  • Green Mountain Self-Advocates​ has a pretty neat plain language way to explain COVID-19. It was created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities: ​
  • Peekaboo Kidz video on ​What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus and Quarantine


Self Led

  • Images and PDF’s of​ ​at home exercises
  • Find your free workout exercise program through ​SELF
  • Practice safe social distancing​ (leave 6+ feet between you and others) ​and go outside​ to walk, hike, run, bike, roller blade, scooter, jump rope, play hopscotch, and have fun!

Workout Videos/Classes

Staying Connected

Connecting with Community

  •  Call, text, and video chat with your friends and family:
    ○  Skype
    ○  Zoom
    ○  GoToMeeting
    ○  Google Hangouts
    ○  Google Meet
    ○  Google Duo
    ○  FaceTime
    ○  Facebook Messenger
    ○  WhatsApp Messenger
    ○  Jitsi Meet
    ○  Whereby
    ○  Snapchat
  • Help out by ​Virtually Volunteering

Seeking Help

Fun and Games

At Home Activities (invite friends and family to join remotely)

  • Crafting or following along with ​online craft classes
  • Learn home gardening
  • Take a ​Virtual Vacation
  • Talent shows (invite friends and family to join remotely)
  • Dress Up/Modeling/Photo Shoot
  • Play Bingo with your roommates or virtually with friends and family
  • Build a fort
  • Camp at home - Setup a tent and have microwave s’mores
  • Play tabletop games
  • Play card games
  • Play remote games with your friends and family while video chatting through​ ​House Party
  • Charades
  • Trivia (search online for trivia questions)
  • 20 Questions
  • Find fun ​IceBreakers​ ​and play with your roommates
  • Host a cooking show or encourage friends/family to lead a cooking show for you to watch/follow along with