Dose Flip

The Dose Flip is a smart pill box that can help anyone take the right meds at the right times.

At the scheduled time, the Dose Flip will sound an alarm and flash light. To dispense, the individual simply flips the pill box over into their hand or a cup and takes the medication.

The Dose Flip can let caregivers know if medications are not being remembered or taken as directed. It can send notifications via phone call, text message, or email.

The Dose Flip functions on it’s own, so there is no need for a cell phone or landline.

Adaptive Equipment

We provide adaptive equipment to ensure the Dose Flip can be accessible for everyone. We live by the motto “we don’t know what we don’t know, so tell us”. Meaning, if you ever feel our services can improve in any way, please let us know. We welcome and appreciate all feedback!

*All adaptive equipment is available when needed at no extra cost*


The stand can be used for people who are hard of hearing. It positions the Dose Flip so the flashing light from the screen is easier to see

Adaptive Flipper

The adaptive flipper can make it easier to dispense medications. This can be used for anyone who may struggle to pick up and flip the device on their own.

Extra Tray

Extra Trays can be used to make refilling easier. They can be pre-filled in advance and easily swapped into the Dose Flip when a refill is needed.

Refilling Disk

The refiling disk clicks onto the tray of the Dose Flip to expand the filling surface, making it easier to double check medications as they are filled.

A Smarter Pillbox

Clear Alarm

Never miss a dose with a crystal clear and friendly alarm

Removable Trays

Fill several trays in advance and quickly swap when needed

14 Space Tray

A tray will hold up to two weeks worth of medications


Lockable to avoid unwanted openings

With Cellular Connection


Receive texts or emails if pills are dispensed, missed, or waiting to be taken


Identify trends and see your full pillbox history in real-time

Multiple Viewers

Set up any number of people to get notifications


Detect if a Dose is being tampered with from anywhere