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Partnering with us involves integrating our medication management solutions into your existing systems, empowering individuals and organizations with user-friendly health management tools and providing partners with valuable data insights into medication adherence trends. Want to learn more? Email us at:

"Dose Health's team has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, offering unparalleled support and tailored solutions to meet our specific needs."
"We love working with Dose Health!  Our clients find this medication dispenser easy to use and really like the portability of it. More importantly, they are utilizing it and remaining compliant. The Dose team is a pleasure to work with and always provide excellent customer service."
-Vicki Spraul Gray Matters Alliance
"We partner with Dose to recommend their products to clients who are struggling to remember to take their medication."
We bill our partners $42/month for up to two units per end user. Each additional unit after the initial two is billed at $20/unit.Cost includes shipping both ways, all extra and adaptive equipment and all training.
Number of units per end userPrice per month
Partners generally support their own devices, but we offer check-ins to ensure everything is working as it should.
What's included?
Data Integration
Webhooks allow you to integrate data from the Dose Flip into your existing remote monitoring systems.
The Dose Flip system can play a crucial role in helping individuals manage their medication and live more independently. It can also provide helpful insights to caregivers about how the individual is doing with their medication management.
Our partner dashboard helps you easily keep track of billing and manage device inventory.
Dose pays for shipping to and from a partner's office/warehouse.
Dose Flip System
Seamless Billing & Inventory Management
Dashboard Walkthrough

Dealer Agreement

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