How do I get a Dose Flip?
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Size and Shape
How big is a Dose Flip?
5.25 inches in diameter (about the size of a small salad plate) and 1.5 inches tall.
How many medications can each space hold?
Despite appearing small, each space is deep. For example, one space can hold twenty 200 mg ibuprofen tablets, or ninety 81mg aspirin tablets, or three fish oil gelcaps (with additional room for smaller medications).
Set up
How easy is it to set up?
We take pride in having an easy setup process that we are continually improving. A quick guide on the device’s touchscreen will walk you through how often and when medications are dispensed as well as how to refill the device. Please see this video for an overview!
How difficult is it to fill a Dose Flip?
If you know how to fill a typical 7-day plastic pillbox, learning how to fill a Dose Flip will be very familiar.
How often does a Dose Flip need to be filled?
The Dose Flip has 14 spaces for medications in a single tray. If medications are taken once per day, the device is filled every two weeks. If medications are taken twice a day, then the device is filled every week.

The device can be set to dispense up to 5 times per day, which means it would have to be filled every 2-3 days with this schedule. For ease of use, we suggest that more than one device be used for the more complicated schedules. For example, someone who takes medications three times per day would have one device dispense once per day and another device dispense twice per day.Please note, while this is the method we suggest, it is possible to accommodate up to five times a day using only one Dose Flip.
Can you provide additional trays?
Additional trays are provided at no extra cost. You can specify that you would like additional tray either through the initial referral form, or by emailing us at
Day to Day Use
How do I dispense medications from the device?
When it is time to take your pills, simply flip the device into your hand or a cup to dispense your medications. Please see this video for an overview!
What if I want to take my medications early?
Use our “Early Dispense” feature from your Dose Flip's home menu to dispense your next medications at any time. If needed, this feature can also be disabled from the “Device Settings” menu which can be accessed by removing the lid.
How much time do I have to take my medications and what happens if I miss my medications?
Medications will be available for two hours from the scheduled dispense time. If the sound alert is turned on, the Dose Flip will continue to alarm until the end of the two hours. A notification will go out to all linked accounts after 30 minutes if the device has a subscription to Dose Anywhere. A missed dose notification will also be sent out at the end of the two hours to all linked accounts. After two hours, the device will close and that space will be marked as “missed” and skipped over in the future.
What happens when I unplug my Dose Flip?
Your Dose Flip will enter “Travel Mode.” The screen and WiFi connection will shut off to conserve battery life but your Dose Flip will continue to remind you when it is time to take your pills. Dose Flip’s built in safety feature will prevent it from automatically opening while in “Travel Mode” and instead will ask you to first press “Dispense Pills” on the screen.
How long does the battery last?
Approximately two days with full charge.
What happens when the battery runs out?
Your Dose Flip will no longer dispense, but your settings will be saved. As soon as it is plugged back in, it will begin charging and will be ready to use.
How will I know if the battery is low?
When your battery is low, a small beep will occur every 10 minutes followed by the screen lighting up and displaying low battery for 20 seconds. During these 20 seconds you have the option to snooze the low battery alarm for two hours if you would like.
Security and Your Data
How do I prevent someone from accessing the medications in the Dose Flip?
Each Dose Flip comes with a special wrench (torx) and screw that can be used to prevent the lid from being removed. More importantly, your Dose Flip records all data about tampering (lid taken off, flipped over etc.) so that if someone does gain access to the medications, it will be obvious from the device’s history.
What if I lose the torx wrench or screw?
If lost, you can easily pick one up at a hardware store or contact us and we will ship you a new one for free. You can call us at (844) 300-6212 or email us at
What is your policy regarding the data about my device?
We will never share ANY information about your Dose Flip unless you have specifically agreed to do so to help improve your care.
Connected Features
Do I need WiFi to use the Dose Flip?
The Dose Flip works with or without WiFi. All your information about your Dose Flip’s use is available as soon as you connect over WiFi and subscribe to Dose Anywhere, even if you have been using the device for months without connecting.
What is the Dose Dashboard?
Dose Dashboard is our web app which allows caregivers and loved ones to receive text or email notifications about the device’s use in real-time and have access to a dashboard about the device’s use. Any number of people can receive notifications and have access to the dashboard as soon as Dose Dashboard is activated. Dose Dashboard is available at
What happens when the Dose Flip connects to WiFi?
As soon as your smart pillbox connects to WiFi, the first thing it does is download all the information about its use from the last time it connected. For example, if you brought your smart pillbox with you for on a weekend trip, when you came back home, the Dose Flip would download everything that happened during the two days you were away and make it available in the Dose Anywhere Dashboard.
Do I need a smartphone?
No. The Dose Flip is set up from the devices touchscreen. A smartphone or computer is only needed to set up Dose Anywhere and WiFi.