About Us

We want to improve health, well-being, and independence for everyone. This starts by working closely with both individuals and their care teams to understand each person's needs. We always work to improve our services so they are accessible to all. That's why everything we build is based on feedback from the community.

Our Team

Paul Hines, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Wesner
Chief Technical Officer
Alaina Gallagher
Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Little
Support Specialist
Meredith Vandenberg, RN
Billing Manager
Kalia Houghton
Support Manager
Cody Gallagher, JD
Director of Finance
Brandon Eddy, RN
Director of Implementation
Brent Schultz
Outreach & Design
Hannah Sohre, LSW
Support Specialist
Linda Bailey
Outreach Coordinator
Meredith Vandenberg, RN
Billing Manager
[Brent's bio here]

Owen Steinhauser
Production Assistant