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HCBS Waiver Referral Form
After the following form is submitted, we will confirm receipt, reach out to the appropriate parties, and let you know when everything is scheduled and set up! Please call us at 844.300.6212 if we can help answer any questions.

If you prefer a PDF version of the referral form; download it here. Completed forms can be sent to: referrals@dosehealth.com

To place a private pay order click here.
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Requesting &
Discontinuing Services

How can I request services?

The quickest way to request services is to fill out our online referral form https://dosehealth.com/referrals
You can also contact us at 844-300-6212 or  emailreferrals@dosehealth.com.

How do I know which service to request?

Information about the different services we offer can be found at https://dosehealth.com/services 
If it is unclear which service will be the best option, contact us directly at 844-300-6212 or email info@dosehealth.com

What forms of payment do you accept?

Dose Health is an approved service provider for Medicaid Waiver Service Programs in the following states: Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin.

For other insurance carriers like Medicare, VA, and commercial insurance, please contact your insurance company directly for coverage information. You may need a detailed doctor's prescription or order to be approved for services. Out of pocket is also accepted for private pay. 

For Private Pay, we accept credit and debit cards as well as checks. To set up recurring payments visit https://www.dosehealth.com/order. To set up invoicing, please call us at 844-300-6212.

How can I cancel services?

Services can be canceled at any time. If you would like to cancel services with us, please call us at 844-300-6212 or email us atoffice@dosehealth.com.

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