Online Referrals/Orders

Would you like to refer someone who is covered by a Medicaid Waiver (i.e. Home and Community Based Services)?

If you prefer a PDF version of the referral form; download below. Completed forms can be sent to:referrals@dosehealth.com
"I really appreciate the top notch customer service that Dose Health provides to me and to the people I support.  Dose Health has consistently been the most thorough agency, providing excellent communication and follow through that I’ve ever worked with. I especially appreciate the tracking numbers used for orders so I am able to share the whereabouts of products with my individuals who are anxious to receive them. Add that to the affordable options for PERS units and Flips, and it’s just a win, win, win 😊 THANK YOU!"

-CADI/BI Case Manager
“I really can't say enough about what a life-changer the Dose Flip has been for my mom and for my family!  We could not be more impressed with this device!  Thank you again!”

-Caregiving daughter
"Thank you for your support! We appreciate the amazing med dose machines!!!  It sure is a complete difference in compliance with our clients."

She is loving her Dose Flip! She has thanked staff a thousand times for getting it for her. She is enjoying being involved more with her meds and has stated she feels more independent. Thanks for checking in!!