Homes we work with
We work with residential homes to help individuals increase their independence and improve efficiency of med passes. The Hammer case study below details how our services have been used to improve their med passes.
Hammer Case Study
"The Dose Flip has completely changed how we administer medications at Merrimac. Our staff spend a fraction of the time they used to spend preparing and giving medication which in turn allows them to spend more time with the women of Merrimac."
- Micha Dagel, Program Manager
We have more free time now to spend with the individuals, versus sitting there punching out pills.”

– Hammer Direct Care Professional
"The Dose Flip also allows the women to dispense their own medication, which they were unable to do before we started using the Dose Flip system."

- Micha Dagel, Program Manager
If you have any questions or would like to set up a pilot for your home, use the form below to contact our Director of Implementation, Brandon.
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