Homes we work with
We work with residential homes to help individuals increase their independence and improve efficiency of med passes.
In 2019, Hammer Residences ran a pilot utilizing the Dose Flip in eight of its group homes. The goal of the pilot was to see if changing to an automated system for staff to administer medications would result in a decrease in medication errors, staff time, cost, and staff turn-over. Click the link below to read the full case study and view their results.
Hammer Case Study
Case Study
"The Dose Flips saved our butts a couple of weeks ago. We had ZERO staff for a morning shift, so the ladies were able to get themselves up, take their meds, and get to work."
- Residential staff member
"We have more free time now to spend with the individuals, versus sitting there punching out pills.”

- Residential staff member
"The Dose Flip also allows the women to dispense their own medication, which they were unable to do before we started using the Dose Flip system."
- Micha Dagel, Program Manager
Open the med cabinet at the scheduled med time
Select the correct Dose Flip, verify the label and med times are correct
Click "Dispense" on the screen and the tray will rotate to the correct compartment
When tray is finished rotating, flip the pillbox over to dispense medications
Check the MAR for any additional medications not filled in the Dose Flip
Administer medications to the correct individual
Track med pass in the MAR. Double check all meds were administered.
If you have any questions or would like to set up a pilot for your home, use the form below to contact our Director of Implementation, Brandon.
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